Document Manager

With the help of the document manager, documents of the most diverse formats (images, texts, tables, etc.) can be attached to any object.

Via the button in the respective form

without previously linked documents with linked documents
Button_Dokumentenverwaltung_ohne Dok_engl.png Button_Dokumentenverwaltung_mit Dok_engl.png

the document manager is opened.


1. Any name can be specified for the linked document.
2. The document can be linked to with Verwaltung_Dokumentenverwaltung_Button_Datei verknüpfen.png and opened with Verwaltung_Dokumentenverwaltung_Button_Datei anzeigen.png.
3. The date and the creator for the linked document can be selected/entered.
4. Comments on the linked document can be stored.
5. The object from which the document has been linked can be opened.