NET 13.2.2 release has been withdrawn

The NET 13.2.2 release has been withdrawn due to a critical bug that needs to be fixed.

Error description

The NET 13.2.2 release contains a serious error that affects NET Engineering projects on PostgreSQL and Oracle databases.

All functions that create copies of objects are affected. In detail, this concerns the workflows for "Splitting cables, pipes and routes", "Assign pipes as copy ...", the workflow "Create house connection" as well as the "Planning assistant" and the workflow "Edit pipe connections".


When executing the named workflows, the FID of the new data set is set to "0". This data record is then deleted during 1-click maintenance.

When using the named workflows, the user receives an error message, but can no longer cancel the action at this point.

Further procedure

If you have already installed release 13.2.2, you can go back to 13.2.1 without any problems. It is recommended that you fall back on a backed-up database.

Development is working on bug fixing. A hotfix in the form of NET Release 13.2.3 is available.