Segment category

In NET Engineering, users have the option to define different categories of segment themselves. The form is opened by double-clicking in the Category field in the Segment form.




Attribute Description
ID The ID of the segment category is displayed. (1)
Brief description This is where you enter the short name. (2)
Description Enter the segment category name here. (3)
Created on The date when the record was created can be specified. (4)
Designer The person who created the record can be entered. (5)
Comment A comment on the segment category can be entered here. (6)
Active Only active segment categories can be selected from the drop-down list in the detailed form for segments. (7)
Priority A priority can be assigned for the category. (8)
Segments Clicking on mceclip2.pnglists all segments that use the current segment category. The mceclip3.pngbutton displays all segments to which a segment category has been assigned in the filter. (9)