Documenting a segment

Segments are linear objects used for laying of ducts and cables. All properties of segments can be described in various ways using attributes in the Segment form. Ducts and cables (with or without their own geometry) can be assigned to segments. This can be done using workflows. These are started in the workflow explorer or in the context menu of the Segment form under Assignment.


To create segments, you can proceed as described in Inserting new objects.

Segements can be imported from plans (already as segements), or you can digitize them yourself or include them from imported line geometries (e.g., from the survey).

Import from a plan:




Import from line geometry



Various attributes can be assigned to segments for a more detailed description. These attributes can be used for stylization in the display model and to modify the presentation in the graphic.


The geometries of segments can be subsequently modified by checking them out, changing the positions of vertices or adding further vertices. Pay attention to the set and activated object snap. The objects should then be checked in again.

mceclip5.png mceclip7.png


Segments can be deleted in the tabs or via the form. The assignments (duct, cable) will be lost in the process. If ducts/cables are only assigned to this one segment, these will also be deleted (after a corresponding warning).

Tab: Segment, Home or NET


in the form




Disconnecting segments

If a part of a segment is to be given a different attribute, if another segment branches off at one point or if the occupancy of the segment changes, the segment must be disconnected at this point.

This is done with the Split segment workflow.

The workflow can be started in the NET Planning tab


or in workflow explorer > Survey plan workflows > Split segment.



If you want to separate ducts within the segment using the duct-connection editor, the segment is automatically disconnected.

The new segment sections receive the same attributes and occupancy as the original segment, but each has its own geometry.

Connecting segments

If two or more segment sections have the same properties and occupancy, and no other segments branch off, the segment sections can be connected.

This is done with the Join segments workflow.

The workflow can be started in the NET Planning tab


or in workflow explorer > Survey plan workflows > Join segments.



The new segment section retains the attributes and occupancy of the initially selected segment, but has the geometry of both of the previously existing segment sections.