Common tab

In a planning rule, the technology, the materials and costs to be used , the fiber requirements and the capacities of the network distribution points are defined. This information is defined in the respective tabs.


In the “Common” tab, you can establish settings for the following topics:




Description of the rules


Selection of technology

Splitter settings

Definition of splitter types and positioning

Splitter costs


Only visible with Hybrid or PON technology

Civil Works Settings

General settings for planning can be configured here

Define the frequency of road crossings (soft parameter)

Place structures at the intersections of road crossings

Place pipes in protective pipes at road crossings

Planning of structures between civil engineering and used existing pipes

Planning of structures between different construction phases

Common Ducts

Ducts that can be shared by cables of different network levels are defined here. General ducts with distribution level usage in combination with the distribution level strategy "Direct cable to building(no additional house connection cable)" are not supported. A duct definition that includes the distribution level will result in an error message during the calculation.

Equipment Constraints

Definition of restrictions on the capacity of civil-engineering structures

Duct classes / restriction of duct type

Based on the “Duct-type restrictions” defined in the project, the required duct types (from the definition in the rules) can be assigned here to the values of the “duct class”.

No selection means no restriction.

Optical Budget

This is where you define the optical budget.