Performing the Comsof calculation

Once all the input data has been recorded in the project and the rules has been defined, you can start the calculation.

Start of the calculation

You will find the “Calculate” button in the Optimization box. 


A drop-down menu allows calculation at various levels.


Start the calculation according to your specifications. Please note that all active building points are always calculated.

Progress indicators and warnings when processing the input data

The optimizer checks the data


and informs about errors.


The warning regarding points can be neglected. These are the open ends of the possible trenches.

The demand point warning indicates an error in the output data: The optimization cannot reach demand points or specification of layer points or structures via the available network of possible trenches.

Confirm this information by clicking “OK”.

In another dialog window, you have the following options:

  • Continue to calculation → the calculation is carried out, the unconnected points are not calculated.
  • Cancel and view issues → the calculation is cancelled and the affected point connections can be corrected.


The affected points are displayed in the “Comsof Fiber Designer Input Processing Issues” dialog. 


The record concerned is accessed by right-clicking on the entry.

Check addresses or faulty points and fix errors. 


You can open this list again after closing the dialog using the command “SHOWFPIINPUTISSUES”.

Warnings during the calculation 

Shortly before the end of the calculation, warnings concerning calculation may appear. This is information that “soft” parameters defined in the rules have been exceeded. 

Confirm each warning by clicking “OK”.





The calculation progress is displayed on the bottom right. 


After successful calculation, the window closes.


You can open this list of warnings again after closing the dialog using the command “SHOWFPIWARNINGS”. You can access the records concerned by right-clicking.