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Work interface

The Map 3D work interface is divided into several areas. In simple terms, the interface can be divided into 5 parts: upper, left, right, lower and middle.


Upper part

Map 3D tabs / ribbon bars


You can also find product-specific NET tabs here. Read the information in the respective product documentation for NET Design, NET Engineering or NET Operations.

“Modify” tab

We recommend the “Automatic update” setting.


The geometries of objects can be modified by checking them out. “Check out automatically” is used to check out objects directly at the time of editing/selecting. If you select the “Check out” button, selected objects can then be checked out or previously selected objects will be checked out.


Make sure that the objects are checked in regularly. If checked-out objects are accidentally selected, they can be moved or deleted unintentionally. Objects should be checked in at the latest before closing the project.

If you want to display the form for a checked-out object, the ACAD properties window can also be opened again and again unintentionally. Then too, the objects should be checked in.

Select workspace

You will also find the setting for the workspace in the upper part: “Data management”  


Logging in to the Autodesk account

You have the option of logging in with an Autodesk account. To do this, you will find the login button at the top of the work interface.


If you don’t have an Autodesk account yet, simply go to “Log in to Autodesk account” > “New to Autodesk? Create account”.