Forms in general

Forms are used to display and edit attribute data for individual objects.

Example of a form:


Opening the form

The following options are available for opening the form:

  • in the Industry-Model Explorer by right-clicking on Object class > Show form

additionally, for feature classes with geometry,

  • by double-clicking on the geometry in the graphic window
  • by single-clicking on the geometry in the graphic window and display the form by pressing the  mceclip0.png button in the Industry-Model Explorer

Button bar for selecting the tools for the form

Button Explanation
mceclip3.png Switch to the first record or the previous record
Switch to the next record or the last record
mceclip4.png Set and remove filter
mceclip5.png Edit data
mceclip6.png Update
mceclip7.png New record
mceclip8.png Change globally
mceclip9.png Delete record
mceclip10.png Print
mceclip11.png Zoom to the geometry of the selected object 
mceclip12.png Highlight the geometry of the selected object
mceclip13.png Highlight all objects in the selection set
mceclip14.png Highlight all objects associated with the selected object
mceclip15.png Remove object highlighting  
mceclip16.png Create labels associated with the selected object and position them
mceclip17.png Digitize a new object and select it in the dialog box
mceclip18.png Digitize a new geometry for the object in the dialog box
mceclip19.png Convert an existing geometry and assign it to the object in the dialog box
mceclip20.png Adds the objects in this dialog box to the object explorer for the schematic plan workflow
mceclip21.png Tools
mceclip22.png Form anchoring off/on


Selected functions 


Clicking on the filter button mceclip25.png highlights the input fields in bright green. These give the option of searching for a specific element or group of elements.

To do this, set the filter you require and acknowledge the function with “Filter”.

This returns all records that have the desired filter characteristic.

You can switch between records using the buttons mceclip29.png “Switch to next record” or mceclip30.png “Switch to previous record”.

Clicking on the mceclip28.png button resets the filter and the total number of all records—in this case trenches—is displayed again.

Create new record

Click on the mceclip31.png button to create a new record. It is possible to populate a new record with all yellow-highlighted fields.

Once you have filled out all mandatory fields (red) in the form, click on “Insert” to create the record.

Change globally

You can use the button to change all filtered records at once. “Global Update” executes the function.


You can print the reports for a form using the mceclip36.png button, as shown in Window 3. Select the type of report to be printed and the report preview will open in item 4 with various settings options. A logo can be displayed in the top-right corner of the report. The path for the logo is set in the NET options in the “General II” tab (item 4).

Create label

You can use the mceclip37.png button to create and position labels associated with the selected object. As shown in items 2 and 3 of the screenshot, you can select the label definition and the category.