Filter manager for complex queries

Complicated queries via filters can be saved in the Filter Manager and retrieved there again at any time. Each individual filter, the transfer to other forms via buttons or projections is taken into account.

Example: Saving a geographic filter (cluster) for trenches

1. Open the form for the corresponding cluster and open the lines in the line form,


2. The 57 lines are filtered

3. Filter again


4. Filtering for the line type “trench” occurs

5. With an AND filter, i.e., only within the previously filtered records from the one cluster


6. Among the 57 lines in the cluster were 50 trenches

7. Switch to the trench form for the 50 filtered trenches


8. 50 trenches in the filter,

9. Right-click on the form to open the context menu and start the filter manager


10. Add a new filter


11. Give the filter a unique name

12. Click “OK” to save the filter (Please note! Filter expressions are limited to 2,000 characters)


13. The filter manager can be closed


14. Add further trenches within the cluster


15. Right-click on the form to open the context menu and run the filter again in the trench form


16. Select filter and

17. start with OK


18. The filter becomes effective in the trench form and the 4 new trenches are taken into account.mceclip0.png

All trenches of the cluster are filtered.



If you want to filter for objects across different feature classes, you need projections.