Importing and Exporting (PostgreSQL) database dump

Importing a dump

A dump import is performed in Infrastructure Administrator. Transferred or backup databases can be imported. A template dump can be created in which all records that are not required are deleted after the import.

To import a dump, do the following in Autodesk Infrastructure Administrator:

  • Connect to the database
  • Open your project
  • Unload the currently used industry model (if it is to be replaced) by selecting the industry model in the right-hand window and clicking on the arrow to the left
  • Go into the drive and select the dump file
  • Click on the “Import” button


Select the import method “Import PostgreSQL database” mceclip1.png

Select the dump


Here: Import file: C:\Program Files\...

The dump is imported.


If the dump is to be used as a template dump, it must be opened in the client. Then all objects recorded in it, such as cables, terminators, closures, trenches, ducts, buildings, XRefs, etc., should be deleted. The required models/types used as master data remain intact. This clean dump is then opened in the Infrastructure Administrator and a 1-Click Maintenance is carried out. In the process, problems are searched for and resolved until no more exist. This dump can then be exported and imported at any time as a template for a new project.


Exporting a dump

Datasets can be passed on or backup with an export. To export a dump, do the following in Autodesk Infrastructure Administrator:

Version 1:

Open your Infrastructure Administrator and log in with an account that has administrative rights (e.g. Administrator).


When this is done, open the project, you want to export.


Once the project is open, click "Industry Model" in the menu. Navigate to "Export" and click "Export PostgreSQL-Database".

(Attention!) It will export the dump of the active industry model only, not for all at once.


Then select the export path and use the "Run Export" button.


Version 2:

Open the SQL Sheet


Log in as MAPSYS



Switch to the “Userspaces” tab, right-clicking on the dump Export opens the context menu > Start dump export


Select the path and confirm with ENTER.