User group specific settings

A variety of settings can be defined on the basis of the user groups. This includes special menus, the Explorer Manager and stand alone form definitions.

Configuration of the context menu

Opening the enterprise project with the main document.

Navigate to the menu item Industry model > User interface > Menu (Single)

Selecting the (custom-created) user group (in this case WS[xx]_GROUP)

Here: Disabling the template menu for the trench. 



Result for deactivating the template menu

before after
mceclip0.png mceclip1.png


Group-specific profile in Explorer Manager

Using the Explorer Manager, customize the Industry Model Explorer by creating profiles that show only the required feature classes. 

In Autodesk Infrastructure Administrator, navigate to Industry model > Explorer Manager. 

Use “Create” to create a new Explorer profile.


Choose from desired feature classes 

Finally, in the default profile, you have to add the relevant user group to the user groups without access to the ‘Standard’ profile. 



Group-specific form definition

First you start by duplicating the default form, in this case the Building form

Navigate to Industry model > Form Designer > Duplicate  


This is followed by the editing of the form template 


  1. Renaming the form
  2. Blocking the upper controls (property: Blocked = True)

Close the form designer. 

In the next step, assign the form definition to your desired user group.