Performing Structure update for projects (without updating Map 3D)

We recommend that you perform the update on a test document first. The update should be applied to production documents only after a successful update of this test document

Please be aware that once updated, projects are not backward compatible.


Performing a Structure update without updating AutoCAD MAP 3D  

1. Open the Autodesk Infrastructure Administrator of the current version

2. Open the project via the menu item “Open file” (SQLite) or connect to the database and open the database-based enterprise project

3. If the modules and the data structure of the project are not up to date, the following message appears:


4. Start the structure update by clicking the “Update” button 

5. When updating a NET Engineering project, not only the data model is updated. Depending on your selection, reports, form definitions, data checks and much more will also be automatically updated.


Behind the magnifying glass, you will find details about the changes and can thus better estimate whether you want to have the corresponding entries updated.

If you deselect an item, the corresponding entries will not be updated.

6. “Next” starts the structure update.

7. The message “Update Finished” ends the successfully completed update process. 

8. The project structure is up to date. 


Note on NET Design

If you are working with NET Design (optimization only), the form definitions are automatically updated without a query when the structures of projects are updated.

You can skip to the next section and proceed with project maintenance



If you are working with adjusted forms or user-specific reports and data checks customized for you, you must actively import these from your backup after the automated structure update. Please be aware that user-specific reports and data checks are not included in your customer-specific installer. 

Importing forms (if required)

You can import forms via Industry Model > Form Manager > Form Import menu item. Activate the “Override existing dialog definition” option.

Importing reports (if required)

Import reports via the report designer. You start this by pressing the mceclip2.png button

In the first step, remove all existing reports from the industry-model report designer via
Report > Remove.


Highlight all reports and click on “Remove”. 


Then import the new report definitions via Report > Import/export > Import XML report definitions. Read more about this here.

Importing data checks (if required)

Select the data checks in Infrastructure Administrator in Industry model > Data check.


Now import the new data checks by clicking on “Import”. Select the TKI installation folder and the subfolder “Data checks” from there. Open the existing XML document.


During the import, you will be prompted to assign a new name for data checks that already exist.


Project maintenance 

After completing this work, please run project maintenance. To do this, click Data model > Right-click on the document name and do all of the following.

1. Create or Replace all Triggers


2. Optimize the industry model


3. 1-Click Maintenance