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Performing structure updates for projects (without updating Map 3D)

We recommend that you perform the update on a test document first. The update should be applied to production documents only after a successful update of this test document

Please be aware that once updated, projects are not backward compatible.

If you have also installed a new version of Autodesk AutoCAD Map3D with the installation of the current NET version, it is necessary to update the database user to the currently installed version. There are two options for how to proceed. 

Regardless of which procedure you choose, make a copy of the database user and the industry models before performing the update


Update the existing database user to the latest version

To do this, open the Autodesk Industry Model Setup—the Autodesk Database Industry-Model Administrator—in the newly installed version. You can find it in the current Autodesk Infrastructure Administrator.


Step 1: Establish a connection to the server of the database-based industry models.

  1. Select the database-based industry-model type
  2. Log in as a SYS user with the appropriate password
  3. Select the service
  4. Set the checkmark for “Connect as SYSDBA”
  5. Confirm your entries with “Next”

Step 2: Manage the Map 3D system user



  1. Select the Map 3D system user to be edited and enter the corresponding password.
  2. Confirm with the “Update” button. The entries for the Map 3D system-user information are updated.

Entries in GREEN = everything OK

Entries in RED = incorrect or missing data


Map 3D server version >> is not up to date >> needs to be updated

Map 3D main user >> no user found. This message indicates that no Map 3D main user has been created. The message is for information purposes only. If a Map 3D main user (a user with severely restricted rights) is created, this will also be updated.

 1. If the system user is to be moved up > “Update”


2. Map 3D server version is up to date


Step 3: Updating the individual industry models

All further steps for updating the individual industry models—the structure update—must be carried out in Autodesk Infrastructure Administrator. 

To do this, open Autodesk Infrastructure Administrator and connect to the database


If the modules and the data structure of the project are not up to date, the following message appears:



  1. Start the structure update by clicking the “Update” button
  2. When updating a NET project from version 9.0 onwards, not only the data model is updated. Depending on your selection, reports, form definitions, data checks and much more will also be automatically updated. Please follow the instructions for importing forms, reports and data checks.
  3. The message “Update completed” informs about the successfully completed update process.


The project structure is up to date.


Project maintenance

After completing this work, please run project maintenance. To do this, click Data model > Right-click on the document name and do all of the following.


Create a new database user 

Step 1: Establish a connection to the server of the database-based industry models.

Follow the first steps in the article Updating the existing database user to the latest version. 

Step 2: Manage the Map3D system user

1. Start the creation of a new Map 3D system user by clicking on the “Create” button


2. Enter the new user name and assign a password. Pay attention to the table-area information.

The new system user has been created. It does not yet contain any industry models. Import the appropriate industry models in the administrator into the newly created Map3D system user.

Additional information on importing an existing industry model can be found in the instructions for the project setup.