After the installation of PGP

After you have successfully completed the installation and licensing, it is necessary to make some settings on the administrative side. 

In the next step, a Map 3D system user must be set up on the PostgreSQL database.

To do this, open the “Autodesk Industry Model Setup” application. You can find this in the applications of the infrastructure administrator.



Step 1: In the application, you must first connect to the PostgreSQL database.

First select the “Database-based industry-model type” > “PostgreSQL database”. 

You must connect to a database with DBA privileges—by default, the user name is postgres. Enter the corresponding password and the server where the database can be found. A maintenance database does not have to be entered. Then click on “Next”.

Step 2: The next step is to create the Map 3D system user. Click on “Create”. Set the system user name and password. Then click “OK”.


If successful, the table should be similar to the following screenshot. 


You can now close the “Autodesk Industry Model Setup” application.

Once the 3D system user has been created, you can connect to the database using the Autodesk Infrastructure Administrator and create enterprise projects / industry models.

After creating and updating the industry model, execute a 1-click maintenance.


This completes all settings for working with a PG database. All users can now connect to the industry model in AutoCAD Map 3D via “Open project”.



Installing an update 

The PostgreSQL Provider is subject to continuous further development. 

If you have run an update, there is usually nothing else to do. The only exception may be that you have updated Autodesk Map 3D at the same time. If so, please follow the instructions for updating database projects