Join segments

Two segments can be connected using this workflow. The attributes of the primary segment are adopted and its geometry is supplemented by those of the secondary segment. By making a selection, users determine the segment from which the descriptive information and assignment of ducts and cables is to be adopted.


Start the workflow in Workflow Explorer > Survey plan workflows > Join segments by double-clicking it, from the context menu or by clicking the mceclip0.png button in the lower right area of the workflow explorer:


or on the NET Planning tab:


The segment from which properties are to be adopted must first be selected in the graphic.


The segment to be connected to the primary segment must be selected.


The user is advised that the segments to be connected have different properties.

The result shows a segment with a new geometry and the attributes of the primary segment.


Only the properties and assignments of the segment first selected by the user are adopted!
The segments to be connected must have a common endpoint!