Creating an FO cable loop

Additional cable lengths in manholes, cabinets or underground installations can be documented as cable loops. A workflow is used to create FO cable loops.


Start the workflow in Workflow Explorer > FO workflows > Create FO cable loop by double-clicking it, from the context menu or by clicking the  mceclip10.png button in the lower right area of the workflow explorer:


or in the FO Cable Section form in the “Edit” menu


If the workflow was started in the cable section in the “Edit” menu, the cable is automatically selected. Then it goes on to item 2.

This will open the workflow for creating a cable loop:


1. The position of the cable loop must be specified in the graphic.

2. If the point is located on a cable with its own geometry or in a segment/duct in which only one cable is assigned, this cable is automatically detected.

If several cables are located at the selected position, they appear in a drop-down list and can be selected.


If the point is on a cable, this cable is automatically detected and does not have to be additionally selected in the graphic.


Possible results for (2):

mceclip7.png The workflow was started from a cable section in the Edit menu
mceclip8.png In the workflow, Select point was used to select a position on a segment/duct to which only one cable is assigned or directly on a cable with geometry
mceclip6.png In the workflow, Select point was used to select a position on a segment/duct to which several cables are assigned and the cable was selected in the drop-down list

3. The name, user length and loop length for the cable are displayed.


4. The length of the cable loop can be entered.
5. Information concerning the cable loop can be documented.
6. A loop type can be selected from the drop-down list.


7. You can specify whether the user length should be calculated from the CAD length and the cable loops.
8. The creation of the cable loop is started.

With a corresponding stylization in the display model, the cable loop is displayed in the graphic at the previously selected position.