Trench troubleshooting

If several services are malfunctioning in a network, the user must be able to contain the malfunction (breakdown) quickly. To this end, a common denominator must be determined for these services.
The trench-troubleshooting workflow supports the user by supplying all common trench sections for the selection of malfunctioning services.


Start the “Trench troubleshooting” workflow in Workflow Explorer > General > Trench troubleshooting by double-clicking it, from the context menu or by clicking the mceclip3.png button in the lower right area of the workflow explorer:


The following dialog opens:


Select at least two services for troubleshooting.

a) Select the service from the list of all available services. In the columns, you can right-click on the column header to filter by number, service name, service type and customer.
b) Add the service or remove a service from the list.
c) Click OK to start troubleshooting.

The results of the search are displayed:


mceclip8.png The form for the selected trench opens.
mceclip9.png The selected objects are highlighted in the graphic.
mceclip6.png The highlighting in the graphic is canceled.
mceclip5.png The selected trench is zoomed in on.
mceclip4.png If the button is activated, the selected trench is zoomed in on.