Creating style definitions using automatic rules

If you have added a layer to the display model, you can use a rule and the object attributes to create the display automatically.

Example of use

In this section, the “Trench” layer is to be reloaded into the display model and an automatic rule is to be created.

To do this, load the layer “TC_M_SP_SEGMENT” via the data connection to the display management.


Open the style editor for the layer by right-clicking and “Edit style”.

Clicking on “New topic “ opens a dialog window for automatically defining the display.




The property to be displayed
can be selected

Minimum value / maximum value

The min/max values of the current properties are displayed

Distribution / number of rules

Selection of the distribution / number
of rules to be applied

Style range Read more about this here 
Create legend labels

Legend label is created

Creating object labels 

Object labels can be created


Click on “OK” to close the dialog and apply the settings.