Saving a display model

Click on the “Start” and “Save display model as…” tabs to save the display model with newly created layers and the corresponding settings.


This will open the dialog for saving the display model.


In the lower-left pane, you will find the most recently used display models with the corresponding layers. 

In the right-hand pane, you will find the name of the display model and the layers in alphabetical order. Below, you can see the layer properties. 

The following settings are stored in the display model:


If layers are to be loaded automatically when the project is opened, the checkmark must be set for Autoload. “Limit to viewport” must be disabled


This saves a filter that has been applied to the selected object layer.

If you now save the display model, the check box is selected and the filter is saved in the LAYER file.

Deactivate this option if you do not want to save the filter.

Limit to viewport

This specifies whether the layer’s viewport is updated when the graphic is created. Use this option to control which feature classes are displayed in the current viewport and which are not. 

Select “Trim to viewport” to draw object data based on the current viewport. If you reduce the size of the view, objects outside the viewport will no longer be visible.

Deactivate the “Trim to viewport” option to draw all object data without cropping. When you shrink the view, objects outside the viewport are visible and can be used as context for creating another graphic. 


Leave the checkmark set and make sure that all data is visible in the window when saving the display model.


Specifies whether the layer is activated in the display management and the objects in the drawing are displayed.


Specifies whether the layer is activated in the display management as “make layer selectable”.


Shows the source of the layer. 


Specifies whether the layer is a referenced layer. 


This setting can only be changed if you save a display model.


This displays the path to the location of the LAYER file. This path is relative to the base path for repository defined in the application options.


Under “Settings” in “Edit display model”, you can specify whether the existing layer is always to be loaded as a reference layer.


Additional information: 

Saving changes in the display model always also saves the current viewport. The next time you open the project, exactly this viewport loads again. This is often undesirable, in which case the <LastViewport> part must be removed in the .tbdmmap file belonging to the display model.