Using attributes as placeholders

Attributes must be used in blocks if you want to use them as dynamically replaced placeholders (e.g., for the number of the current printout or the number of all printed sheets of a series, the date, the title, etc.). After you have the attributes ready in the block, you have to use the “ATTSYNC” command to update the attribute definitions in the layout.

Open the layout in the print template that you want to use
Select the block and right-click to select the “Block editor” option.


Add an attribute by clicking on the “Attribute definition” button.

DocPack_Layout_Attribute_Block-Editor_Attribute definieren_engl.png

Enter a name for the attribute (tag > overwritten during automatic replacement), a prompt to make an entry and, if possible, a default value.

DocPack_Layout_Attribute_Block-Editor_Attribute definieren_Dialog_engl.png

Place the new attribute in the block.

DocPack_Layout_Attribute_Block-Editor_Attribute definieren_Dialog_neues Attribut_engl.png

Close the block and save the change. 



Enter the “ATTSYNC” command in the command line.


Press “A” to select the “Select” option and select the block to be updated in the drawing.

DocPack_Layout_Attribute_Block-Editor_Attribute aktualisieren_engl.png

Confirm by entering “Y” and [Enter].

DocPack_Layout_Attribute_Block-Editor_Attribute aktualisieren_bestätigen_engl.png