Splice graphic

The splice graphic can be created in the graphic in order to visualize the splices produced.

The splice graphic is opened in the “Overviews/Reports” menu in the detailed forms for terminators and closures:

Terminator Closure
mceclip0.png mceclip1.png

The length and distances of the lines are defined in the NET options for FO and TP respectively. The lines of the splice illustration are created with these dimensions. However, these can subsequently be adapted in their geometry if they are checked out and processed.


The grouped display of the splices takes place in the selected graphic window with the aid of the FO splice illustration. This display depends on the stylization of the layers in the display model. The color of the lines and the size of the label texts may be determined there.



The splice illustrations at closures (FO/TP) shows splices and open fiber/wire ends.

mceclip4.png Splices
mceclip5.png Open ends of fibers/wires

FO terminator


TP terminator


mceclip6.png Open fiber/wire end in tray
mceclip7.png Fiber on connector
mceclip8.png Open wire end
mceclip9.png Wire on pin

The stylization of the lines takes place in the layer of the “splice illustration line” (FO/TP), that of the texts in the layer of the “splice illustration label” (FO/TP).

The symbols for the lines (splices/connectors/pins) cannot be changed in principle, but only subsequently via the geometry.

Labels contain the fiber/wire numbers and, if specified in the NET options, the cable name in square brackets […].