Creating plot sequences

To define the positions of the plots in the project, you have to create plot borders. The “Create plot sequences” workflow is available for this purpose. You can find this under “Output” in Workflow Explorer.

Start the “Create plot sequences” workflow by double-clicking.


This will open the dialog for detailed settings.



Plot sequence A plot sequence is a defined number of individual plot borders.
New You can create a new plot sequence.
Extend You can add further plot borders to an existing plot sequence.
Plots This is where you define the size of the plot borders.
Absolute size With “Absolute size”, you define a fixed size for the plot borders.
Relative size With “Relative size”, you use a layout from a template in conjunction with a scale for the definition.
Click on the mceclip4.png button to open the layout manager. This is where you have the option of importing layouts. Select the desired layout and confirm your selection with “OK”.
For scaling, enter the scale for the plot output.


Creation mode 

Mode: Manual selection 


Position the plot borders manually on the map. The highlighted point defines the insertion point of the plot border.


* (asterisk) The plot border can be rotated as desired on insertion.
90 (any number) The plot border is always positioned with the specified orientation.
*/15 (asterisk-slash-any number) Input of an increment. In this example, the increment would be 15, so valid values for the orientation would be 0, 15, 30, 45, etc.


If you do not select a fixed orientation, you can rotate the plot borders in the desired direction after positioning them.

Mode: Tracing 


The workflow positions the plot borders for you via a tracing. You have the option of entering a value for the overlap of the plot borders. The “Create” button prompts you to select a start and destination element for the tracing. After confirming the path, the plot borders are created.

Mode: Area coverage 


Another mode for creating the plot borders is area coverage. If you select this mode, the workflow places the plot borders in the block by fixed rows or fixed columns, depending on the coverage mode.




Click Button_OK.png to start positioning the plot borders.