Schematic plan (cable trunk)

Detailed schematic plan

The detailed schematic plan can only be created for cable traces without branches. For a cable trace with branches, the following note appears:


The following options can be defined:


1. You can choose whether or not to display cables that are not spliced.

2. Fibers can be shown diagonally or angled and parallel fibers can be combined.

3. It is possible to choose whether trays and splitters are displayed and whether empty trays and unused splitters are also to be displayed.

4. Unused connectors can optionally be displayed.

5. Double-clicking on the objects in the drawing opens the corresponding form.
Inactive splices can also be displayed.
The color scheme can be selected depending on the set background color.



1. Display of the connector number,
2. Display of the connector type,
3. Display of the fiber number,
4. Display of the tray number,
5. Display of the splice location,
6. Display of the cable name,
7. Display of the bundle number,
8. Details of the terminator/closure: Name, type, assignment to other points, information, client, cable trace, date, creator





Option—diagonal and parallel fibers combined


Grouped schematic plan

The grouped schematic plan can also be created for cable traces with branches.
The following options can be selected:


Schematic representation


1. Display of the terminators of the cable trace,
2. Display of the cable sections of the cable trace,
3. Display of the closures of the cable trace,
4. Display of the splices in grouped notation.

Georeferenced illustration