Splitting FO cables (create terminator/closure)

If a cable is cut during construction work, the cable sections have to be reconnected. This is where a repair closure is placed on site. All fibers of the now separated cables are spliced through in the closure.
With the workflow “Split cable (create terminator/closure)”, the user has the option of digitizing a (repair) closure. The cable present at this point is automatically split. The resulting cable sections with the fibers are automatically spliced in the closure.

If a new branch is to be inserted on a cable that has been separated in a planned manner, a corresponding closure can be used on which the new cable section is integrated.


Start the workflow in Workflow Explorer > FO Workflows > Split cable (create terminator/closure) by double-clicking it, from the context menu or by clicking the mceclip0.png button in the lower right area of the workflow explorer:


or in the segment or duct form in the respective context menu for the cable


If the workflow was started in the segment or duct form in the “Occupancy” field from the context menu, the segment or duct is automatically selected. Then it goes on to item 2.

This will open the workflow for splitting the cable:


1. The cable section to be split by the closure/terminator must be selected in the graphic. The name or the FID as well as the type of the selected cable is displayed.

If these are cable sections without geometry, the higher-layer duct or the higher-layer segment must first be split. The workflow must then be started in the context menu of the cable section.

There are 4 options for selecting the new prototype closure/terminator:

2. The cable can be split without creating a closure or a terminator.
3. A closure/terminator that is defined in the element library can be selected.


4. An existing closure/terminator can be selected from the graphic or database.
5. A new closure/terminator without defined attributes or already created trays can only be created if the uncut fiber is selected as the connection type under 6.


6. The following connection types are possible:


7. The mceclip7.png button starts the digitization of the closure/terminator. If the closure/terminator on the cable section has been digitized (with snap modes), it is split. The position of the cable is not changed. If the closure/terminator is digitized in addition to the cable section to be split, the cable is split and the end points are connected to the newly digitized closure/terminator location.

A look at the splice overview shows that the fibers of the cable sections have been spliced according to the selected template.

The prototype of the closure/terminator must be able to process the number of fibers of the cable sections in terms of structure and class.