Checking the TP cable geometry

The workflow is used to check cable geometries and for the geometrically error-free assignment to trenches and ducts.


Start the workflow in Workflow Explorer > TP workflows > Check TP cable geometry by double-clicking it, from the context menu or by clicking the mceclip3.png button in the lower right area of the workflow explorer:


This will open the workflow for checking the cable geometry:


1. The following options are available for selecting cables:

a. The workflow can be carried out for all TP cables in the project.
b. The cables to be checked can be filtered beforehand according to the desired criteria.
c. The cables to be checked can be selected in the graphic. The mceclip2.png button has to be used for this.

d. The check is started by pressing the mceclip3.pngbutton.

2. As a result, the cables are listed with name or FID.


3. Trenches/ducts to which the cable is geometrically correctly assigned are grouped. The geometry error is located between the grouped trenches/ducts. The position of the geometry error can be made visible by highlighting.


4. Within the groups, the trenches/ducts are listed with FID (a) or name (b).


The following functions can be used via the context menu:


After the errors have been corrected and the workflow has been carried out again, no more cables are listed as a result.