Introduction to DocPack

DocPack is a powerful tool for automatically generating the plans and reports required for planning.

The central idea is that you create the type of output you need for a specific project, instead of manually performing all the output processes (plots, report generation, etc.) yourself. There can be a compilation of different maps for different area types (distribution clusters, feeder clusters, etc.), which can also use different display models and plot layouts. Furthermore, all reports (both default and your own) and the schematic splice plans for closures, terminators and cable traces are supported.

Based on these settings, the documentation output can be adjusted for any compatible project with a few mouse clicks. The result is all the documentation needed for an entire project, based on your individual settings.

You can access the DocPack functions through the NET menu in the Output area in the NET tab. The DocPack configuration and the DocPack output are available to you.

Before you can use the functions of DocPack, you must check that all prerequisites are met. You will need: