Connection plan

The visualization of connected network paths takes place in a connection plan. This is opened in a separate drawing and can be further processed accordingly.

The Connection plan can be opened in the “Overviews/Reports” menu based on the elements of the lower network layer, such as fibers/wires, connectors/pins, patches, splices, etc.



The Connection plan can be created for the selected element or all elements in the filter.

The connection diagram is as follows:




1. The name, type and higher-layer point of the FO Terminator/Closure is displayed.
2. Details of the tray, attenuation value and service are displayed.
3. Patching details are displayed.
4. The name, number of fibers and length of the cable section, as well as the attenuation values and service of the fiber are displayed.
5. The numbers and designations of the connected fibers, the tray in which the splice is located and the attenuation values of the splice are displayed.
6. Connection of a fiber to a splitter IN.
7. Information about splitter paths of the splitters OUT.



1. The name, type, installation location and higher-layer point of the TP point is displayed.
2. The name, type and service of the pin are displayed.
3. Patching details, such as length and service, are displayed.
3a. Details of the technical port
4. The name of the cable section and the wire, the length of the cable section and the service of the wire are displayed.
5. The splice type, attenuation values of the splice and service are displayed.