Bill of material

Bills of material are used to estimate costs for planning or for documenting the value of an existing network.

Bills of material can be created for the respective cluster.


If there are several records in the filter in the Cluster form, a query is made as to whether the bills of material should be created for all clusters.


If this query is confirmed with “Yes”, a spreadsheet with the bill of material is created per cluster and an “Overview” spreadsheet is created with the total amount of all output clusters.


The rules for the bill of material may be specified in the NET Settings.

Materialliste_NET Optionen_engl.png

  • You can specify whether only objects within the cluster or also objects intersecting the cluster should be taken into consideration.
  • Only those objects to which a price is assigned in the master data can be output.
  • A price per splice may be specified.
  • Additional information from the master data can be output in a variable manner.

The prices for the individual object types (segment type, duct type, cable type, etc.) can be entered in the master data. If no prices have been entered in the project, they can subsequently be added to the exported bill of material (unless the output has been ruled out in the NET options) and the calculation can be updated.


The values are transferred to the bill of material unrounded and displayed rounded to two decimal places. This may result in minor deviations in the totals.