Recording features for the element library

New entries in the element library can be created easily and quickly by each user. The element library uses a prototype of the corresponding element as a template for the digitization.

Enter an object with all desired attributes to be stored as a prototype in the element library.

Define an element library group and select it.  

Then transfer ocjects to the element library from the database mceclip1.png or from the illustration mceclip2.png.


1. Click on the right button in the element library to start selecting the new library feature from the illustration.
2. Select the element in the illustration.
3. After the selection from the illustration, a form opens in which the name under which the feature appears in the library is entered.
4. The new element is immediately displayed in the element library and can be used for digitization.

The icon with which the entry is to appear is set in the Element library.

If an object is to be selected from the database mceclip1.png, it should first be given a unique name, which can be searched for in the drop-down list.