Service type

Services can be assigned to a specific type of transmission service, depending on type. The assignment offers the possibility of classifying as parent or subordinate services. By entering the type, the services can be weighted according to their priority. The services with a certain priority can be easily filtered. All affected elements of the network can be easily selected via the “Points/lines” and “Fibers/connectors” display buttons.

In NET Engineering, users have the option of defining various types of services themselves. The form is opened by double-clicking in the type field in the service form or in Industry-Model Explorer > Administration > Service > Service type.




Attribute Description
Name Here, a name is given to the service type. (1)
Info Information about the service type can be entered. (2)
Number of channels  The number of channels must be specified. (3)
Assignments This is where the channels are defined. Use the mceclip17.png button to edit existing channels. The mceclip18.png button starts the creation of a new channel. The mceclip19.png button deletes the selected channel. (4)
Assigned services The number of services to which this type is assigned is displayed. Clicking on mceclip2.pnglists all services that use the current type. The mceclip3.pngbutton displays all services to which a type has been assigned in the filter. (5)