Difference between NET Engineering and NET Operations

With NET Engineering, you document trench, fiber-optic and duct networks down to the fiber and
microduct layer. In addition to this, NET Operations supports you in managing your network. 

The difference between NET Engineering and NET operations is that NET operations supports services, has a network-path search and supports breakdown messages.


NET Operations requires a valid NET Engineering license.

Selecting licenses and resetting

When you open a project, you are asked which license you want to use in the current project.

Make a choice here. If you select “Do not save selection”, you will be asked for the license selection each time the project is opened.

If you select NET Operations, the functionalities of NET Operations can be accessed in addition to NET Engineering.

If you have saved your choice and want to reset it, you can do so in the NET options.

To do this, click on the “Reset” button under “NET Engineering Settings” in the “General I” tab under “License memorize choice”. The selection window then opens again the next time the industry model is opened.