Splitter-path type

A splitter has two types of splitter paths: IN and OUT. The form is opened by double-clicking in the Type field in the Splitter Path form.




Attribute Description
ID The ID of the splitter-path type is displayed. (1)
Short value This is where you enter the short name. (2)
Value Enter the name of the splitter-path type here. (3)
Created on The date when the record was created can be specified. (4)
Designer The person who created the record can be entered. (5)
Comment A comment on the splitter-path type can be entered here. (6)
Active Only active splitter-path types can be selected from the drop-down list in the detailed form for splitter paths. (7)
Priority A priority for the splitter-path type can be assigned. (8)
Assigned splitter paths Clicking on mceclip2.pnglists all splitter paths that use the current type. The mceclip3.pngbutton displays all splitter paths to which a type has been assigned in the filter. (9)