Explanation of area licenses/ demand points


What are area licenses or demand points and how do you work with them?

Proposed solution

As well as the high level planning in NET Design and the transfer to the detailed planning in accordance with NET Engineering, the output in accordance with GIS subsidiary provisions (BMVI export for short) is also done on the basis of demand points/units.

When creating the area license, the license is created based on the demand points/units. The demand point licenses / area licenses are managed in the Comsof license portal. 

Before you can create these area licenses, you must place an order for a demand point quota via a web form on our website. Just follow this link:  https://www.tki-chemnitz.de/de/bestellung-gebaeudepunkte.html

After receiving your demand point order, we will store the ordered demand points in the Comsof license portal. Please note that the crediting of demand points may take 1–2 working days under certain circumstances, so please place the order in advance.

With the Comsof license portal, you always have full control over all demand point licenses. You can reach the portal via the following link:


After logging in, you will be taken to the main menu of the portal.

Your point quotas are listed under “Projects”. You also have the option of managing all demand point licenses / area licenses already created in the portal under “Licenses”.



If you do not yet have access to this portal, we will set up an account for you. It is important that you name all users who need access to the created demand point licenses / area licenses in the note field of the web form when ordering your first demand point.

Create and Extend area licenses

Creating a new license

If you want to create a new license, enter a unique name and a meaningful description. This makes it easier for you to find the license in the case of extensions or if you want to download a license again from the license portal.


Click on the “Create” button to start the request. If the request is successful, the next dialog will prompt you to agree to the creation of the license by retrieving X demand points costs.


The dialog informs you that the license has been successfully created and downloaded.

The licenses are stored in the respective SQLite source project. If you are working with NET Engineering on PostgreSQL or Oracle, the licenses are stored in the respective user profile. This means that a new user has to download the license again. The same applies if the project is to be exported by a user to another computer.


If you move the points that are decisive for the area license in the further processing, a tolerance of 10 m is guaranteed. 

Extending an existing license

Select this option if you have already created a license but the number of demand points has increased.


Select the license you want to extend in the lower pane. Use the filter function for a pre selection.

The selected license is displayed in the upper pane and can be edited by clicking on the “Extend” button.


As expected, the costs should now correspond to the number of additional demand points. Confirm with “Yes” and the license will be extended. The number in brackets shows your current points quota.


 The dialog announces the successful extension of the license.


Downloading licenses

If you want to download an already created license from the license portal, select the appropriate license in the start dialog in the lower box. The filter also helps with the pre selection here.

Please note that under Create/extend license, “Create new license” must be active.

Click on the “Download” button to download the selected license and save it in the project. The export will then start automatically.


Offline licensing

If you work offline, select Offline licensing.

Start by clicking on the “Save license request file” button to save the license-request file in a folder you define.

You must then manually activate the license request in the license portal (https://license.comsof.com/login) and download the license file created. Refer to the section “Activating licenses manually” (next section).

If the license file has been created, load the manually created license file from your local folder by clicking on the “Load licenses” button. The export starts after that.


The export starts.


Activating licenses manually in the Comsof license portal

Log in to the Comsof license portal. Use your known access data for this purpose.


Select using the “Create new license” buttonmceclip2.png

Complete the fields according to your task. Depending on the NET modules you have active, NET Design, NET Engineering and BMVI projects are available for the project selection. Enter a name and a project description.

Click the “Choose file” button to upload the saved license request file.

Click on the “GENERATE” button to create the license file.


The license file has been created and must be released by pressing the “Confirm” button.


The area license can be downloaded via the download buttonmceclip14.png.

At this point, the work in the license portal is complete.

Combining area licenses

For the further processing of a project, it may be necessary to combine already-created area licenses.

In this case, please contact the support team and tell them which license files should be grouped together.