Working with templates

For efficient and simplified working, you can use templates (files/dumps). We distinguish between:

For example, you can predefine map settings, layouts, layer definitions and settings, block definitions, information about the coordinate system and thus standardize them for your work. This saves you time when setting up new projects and allows you to build on the settings in your template. 


Templates of industry models for file-based work (SQLite)

To avoid manually redefining the settings for each file, create a template file (.dwt). This allows you to set up new file-based projects without having to set them up again in the Administrator.

To do this, create a new industry model in Autodesk Infrastructure and save the .dwt (drawing template) separately.

If you now want to create a new project using this template, open your template file (.dwt) in AutoCAD Map 3D and create a drawing file (.dwg) using “Save as”. 


Do you want to add stylization to the SQLite template file? 

To do this, open the template file in AutoCAD MAP 3D and select a suitable display model. Start the graphic generation process by pressing the “Generate graphic” button.


The layers are loaded and appear on the right in the display model management.   


Finally, save the template file.


Templates of industry models for database-based work (PG or Oracle)

In database-based work, you can create a template project (dump). To do this, create a new project in Autodesk Administrator and populate it according to your requirements.

Then export this project. 

If you now want to create a new project based on this template, import your dump into each new project.