Defining and changing drop trenches

It may be necessary to create drop trenches manually during the preparation of the implementation and approval plan. To do this, use the “Draw possible trench” workflow in “Advanced workflows”.

Automatically generated drop trenches can also be changed geometrically. To ensure that the next automatic preprocessing does not overwrite these changes, activate the Blocked attribute for the corresponding records.

The following must be considered when creating drop trenches manually:

The drop trench connects the demand point with a point on the possible (street) trench. This means that, before you digitize the drop trench, you must have created the possible trenches via the preprocessing.

Drop trenches may consist of several segments.


After starting the workflow, enter at least the attribute “Trench class”> “Drop” and set the checks in the boxes for “Included” and “Blocked”.

For the drop trench class, activating the Blocked attribute prevents the corresponding drop trenches from being changed in the case of further preprocessing



Supported drop-trench routing

 Shared drop trenches



Drop trenches directly from the distribution point


Unsupported drop-trench routing

Drop trench from building point to building point