Keys, mouse, and commands

If you have not been working for long with AutoCAD MAP 3D Toolset, it is helpful to know a few basic working techniques for operating the software. 


Default assignment of the mouse buttons 


Mouse button

Zoom in or out

Turn the mouse wheel forward to zoom in.

Turn the mouse wheel backward to zoom out.

Zoom to the drawing borders

Double-click the mouse wheel.


Drag the mouse while keeping the mouse wheel clicked.

Draw objects

After selecting the appropriate command (e.g. Line), set the first point (starting point) by a short click with the left mouse button in the drawing area. Another short click on the left mouse button sets the next point.

Press ENTER to finish the drawing.

Press ESC to cancel the command. The last object is not created.

Select objects 

When you move the cursor over an object, the object lights up and a short click with the left mouse button selects the object (then highlighted in blue). For example, you can now delete the object by pressing DEL.  

Select multiple objects

Click briefly with the left mouse button in the drawing area—not on an object, but in an empty place. If you then drag the mouse to the right, a blue window opens; moving the mouse to the left opens a green window. A second short click with the left mouse button fixes the window and the objects are selected. 

Blue window: All objects within the window are selected. Objects that extend beyond the frame are not selected. 

Green window: All objects are selected that are within or “touched” by the frame—even those that extend beyond the frame. 

You can use ESC to uncheck these objects. 

Note: Please note that you always make a short click on the mouse button rather than holding it down. You can move objects unintentionally by pressing the left button. 


Useful keyboard commands 

Function Keyboard command 
Switch viewing window  Keyboard shortcut CTRL+R
Save drawing (.dwg) CTRL+S
Save drawing (.dwg) as… CTRL+SHIFT+S
Toggle object snap mode (on/off) F3
Cancel command


Useful commands 

Function Command 
Configuration of the snap options OSNAP
Zoom current drawing to the borders Zoom borders
Display the properties of the selected objects


Change cursor type between crosshairs (0) or mouse pointer (1)