Splice plan from tracing

The splice plans for the selected cable section or all cable sections in the filter from a tracing can be opened via the “Overviews/Reports” menu.


The following options can be set:


The splice plan will be opened in a separate DWG. All cable sections, closures and terminators that connect them are determined and displayed via a network tracking.

1. The splice plan can be created schematically or with georeferencing.
2. The network tracking can be done in individual directions or for all directions.
3. The display for the current cable section, splices and connectors/pins can be selected or whether a summary should be made.

Example splice plan from tracing


Detail from the splice plan


1. The cable section from which the splice plan was opened is shown in red.
2. Closures that connect the cable section with other cable sections are displayed and highlighted in green. The name is displayed.
3. Terminators where connected cable sections end are displayed and highlighted in red. The name is displayed.
4. Cable sections connected to the start-up cable section are displayed with the name and number of fibers/wires.
5. The numbers of the spliced fibers/wires are displayed in a grouped display.