Cable jointing diagram

The Cable jointing diagram is a schematic overview of all branching cables as far as the drops.

The diagram is launched in the “Overviews/Report” menu of a Fiber Optic Terminator/Closure.

FO Terminator FO Closure
mceclip0.png mceclip2.png

The following dialog opens:


In the upper pane, you can select the cable types that you want to be taken into account. In the lower pane, you can select the closure types that you want to be taken into account. Closure that have not been assigned a type can also be taken into account.

The diagram is shown in a separate drawing.

Connections are always viewed from the direction of the starting point (FO Terminator/Closure) in the direction of the drops.

Start in the FO Terminator:


Detailed view: connected drops without installation location


Detailed view: connected drops with installation location


Start in FO closure “HK”


Start in FO Closure “VK 01”


The point where the diagram was started is highlighted by the blue frame.