V FO Patching

In the V FO patch overview, the patches within the switching point is displayed. The points between which patches has created are listed and important information about the patch is displayed.


Terminator Name of the FO terminator assigned to the switching point is displayed. (1)
Connector Name of the connector created in the FO terminator is displayed. (2)
Service The name of the service that has been switched to the connector (2) or patch is displayed. (3)
Patched It is indicated with "yes" or "no" whether the connector (2) is connected to another connector (5) via a patch. (4)
Connector The number of the connector where the patch from the first connector (2) ends is displayed. (5)

The name of the technical port to which the patch was made is displayed. (6)

Start patch It is displayed whether it is a start patch. (7)