Installing AutoCAD Map 3D

In order to use NET, you need to have AutoCAD Map 3D installed. At the moment, versions 2021, 2022 and 2023 are supported. If you already have a NET supported Map 3D installation on your device, you can start the NET installation immediately.

To download Map 3D open the page Please log in with your Autodesk account that has a license associated with it.

Once logged in, select "Products and Services" - if you do not see this item directly, click on the "Account" icon and under Account there is "Products and Services".


There please look for AutoCAD Map 3D. Use the arrows at the version and language, you can choose the language and version. Then click on Install. A program will be downloaded, which will download and install the required files. Please do not deselect the infrastructure administrator.


If you need an 'offline' installer, you can use the arrow next to "Install" to select "Download".
the item "Download" - if it is grayed out, use the help via the
bubble at the bottom right.

Restart the system after the installation. Then log in to the Autodesk Desktop App with your Autodesk account. You will be shown the available updates. Please install all updates from the categories:

  • Autodesk Licencing Service
  • Autodesk Single Sign On
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D

Please restart after the updates and make sure that they are all done correctly. Unfortunately, errors are sometimes only displayed for a very short time.

For a test you can do the following:

Log out of the Autodesk Desktop App. Then restart the computer and open AutoCAD Map 3D. If a window to log in with your AutoCAD account appears, everything worked.


This guide is only functional when using single user licenses.