Color label frame according to the color of the micro duct


I would like to color the frame of the label of the FO terminator in the color of the microduct. A color scheme has been defined for the duct bundles used in the distribution layer, so that the duct color is derived from the number of the micro duct. The name of the FO terminator is derived from the number of the microduct and is available as information in the FO terminator label. The label text looks for example as follows "Dorfstraße 16 - P5.97.3.1/2" The number of the micro duct in the label text is in the used naming scheme directly from the slash.

Proposed solution

The desired representation can be created via an appropriate stylization using thematic rules. The layer for the label of the FO terminator must be added or selected in the display model. The stylization can now be used to access the information of the FO Terminators.

To display the different label frames, a thematic rule must be added per color with a filter and the desired style.

In the case described above, the number directly before the slash is to be checked, since this represents the number of the microduct. The following filter expression can be used for this LABEL_TEXT LIKE '%.1/%' Then the desired style for the text frame for the thematic rule can be set.

For each additional duct color, another thematic rule can now be created with a corresponding filter expression and the desired frame style. In the filter expression, the number of the pipe must be entered


Thematic rule (filter expression) Style frame color


LABEL_TEXT LIKE '%.2/%'  green
LABEL_TEXT LIKE '%.3/%'  blue


For example, a style definition for duct assemblies with 12 microducts may look like the following: