Fix licence problems

It is important to find out which part of the software causes the trouble with the licences.

The software often just referenced as "TKI NET product" consists of more than one software module. The modules are:

  • AutoCAD Map 3D from Autodesk
  • Comsof Fiber Designer developed by IQGeo
  • NET Design, NET Engineering, NET Operations, NET Field Survey, Postgres Provider for Map 3D from TKI

Nevertheless there could also be trouble with area licences. These are necessary to perform a calculation with Comsof Fiber Designer, during LLD creation or when performing an export following the rules of GIS-Nebenbestimmungen.

How to identify the software having the issue?

The software modules are quite easy to identify with there error message.

Module Error message
AutoCAD Map 3D map3d-licence_english.png
Comsof Fiber Designer copyminder_error.png
NET Design/NET Engineering/Operations and Postgres Provider for Autodesk Map 3D (PGP) tki_licence_error.png

If it is a problem with one of the TKI NET products, you can see inside the error message, which module causes the error (highlight).



What to do, if there is a licence problem with AutoCAD Map 3D?

The following steps are valid for licences, which need an active Autodesk account.

  1. Could you verify that the user account is linked with a licence, please? If not, link a licence.
  2. Please check, if the systems internet connection is working.
  3. Please open Autodesk Desktop-App or Autodesk Access (depending on your updates).
    If Autodesk Access is not starting, a restart of the system might be necessary.
  4. Could you please have a look, if you are logged in in this application.
    1. Please log in, if you are not logged in.
    2. The application should show you, if there are updates available. At least for Autodesk Licencing Service and/or Autodesk single Sign On component. If there are updates, then please perform them.
  5. If you find more then one folder with a version number in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\AdskLicensing", then please use the "uninstall.exe" and uninstall all the services. This might need to use the uninstall.exe multiple times. After this is done, please install the Autodesk licencing service again.
  6. Please check, if the following services are installed and running:
    Autodesk Access Service Host
    FlexNet Licensing Service
    FlexNet Licensing Service 64
  7. Restart the services above, please.
  8. If the error is still present, please restart the system.

What to do, if there are Fiber Designer licence problems?

The Fiber Designer is licenced, with a product called CopyMinder. The manufacturer provides a good knowledge base in English language. You can get there via this link:

  1. Please open the webpage
  2. Type the error number, which you can find after "reason" in the marked textbox.
  3. Click the "Go" button.
  4. Please use the link which says "Error provided number".
  5. Please read the "Description" as well as the "Solution".
  6. If it is not possible to troubleshoot your problem with the provided information. Please have a look in the following table.
  7. If it is not in the table, please provide us the error number, when creating a ticket.
Error Reason Solution
639 A necessary file could not be written.
  1. Please open the folder of your selected Fiber Designer installation. (Default path: C:\Comsof\Comsof Fiber Designer xx.x.x.xx)
  2. Open the folder "CopyMinder".
  3. Please right click "CmInstall.exe".
  4. Choose "run as administrator" in the context menu.
  5. If you used the correct version of Fiber Designer, the error should be gone.
641 You have reached the maximum number of simultaneous users of Fiber Designer.
  1. Please check, if there are other users active in Fiber Designer right now. A user is active, when the Fiber Designer settings (rules) are open, or a calculation is running.
  2. If there are no other users, try again after a short time. Sometimes Fiber Designer needs a moment to return the licence correctly.
739 The program was installed to often. Sadly this error can also occur, if you change hardware or perform Windows updates. If it is happening, please contact support directly.

Common CopyMinder errors:


What can you do, if you have NET or PGP licencing issues?

If the trouble occurs directly after adding the licencing server, most probably it's just a restart, that is necessary. Please check, if this has been done.

    1. Please open the "TKI Licencing" application.
    2. Choose "Settings".
    3. Now you can see if you use an cloud licencing server or a network licencing server.
      You can also see, if it is possiblte to connect to the server.
Can not connect
Cloud licencing server
Network licence server
  • Please check your network connection, especially if it is possible to connect to the given server
  • Is the port (you can find behind the colon e.g.: https://superserver:7070) open in both directions in your firewall?
  • Ask your IT team, if the service "FNLS-TBC" is running on the server.
  • Let them check if it is running on the same port, you have entered.
Can be connected
  • Have you performed a restart after adding the licence server?
  • Validate if there are free licences.
  • Cloud licencing server

    Please check at TKI licenceportal if your server has valid licences.

  • Network licence server
    1. Click at "Licenceserver REST APIs".
    2. Choose "Authorise"
    3. Now we would appreciate if you could check the "Version" of the licence service (red marked).
      You will find the current supported licence service version in the release notes. If it is an older version, please update the licence service.
    4. When you are in this screen, please also have a look at the last Backoffice Connection.
      If this is was more then a year ago, probably your licences are expired. Please renew them. How to do this, you'll find here.
    5. Please click on "Feature information".
      In the following window click on "View feature information".
      In here you can check, if the licence version is higher or equl to your NET installation (the Major NET version counts here, which is the first number e.g. NET 12.3.6). If the licence version is egual or higher, then your installed major version they should be compatible.
      You can also see, if your licences are still valid. If the expiring date is close to your current date (0 to 5 days) it might happen, that the software is really slow. In this case, renew your licences and with the new licences this should be solved.
      The third thing, you can check here, is how many licences are currently in use. If the sum of used and reserved licences equals the licence count, currently all your licences are in use.
    6. If you haven't identified any reason for the licence error until now, please close the TKI licencing and open it again.
    7. Please click on "Show all licences".
      After a short time of waiting, there should be a list visible with all currently available licences.
      tki_licencing_show_available_licences_table.pngIf an error is shown, please contact TKI support.
    8. If there are free licences shown in the last picture, but you still receive a licence error in NET, please contact TKI support.