Trench Type

The trench type defines the surface and / or construction of a trench. Trench types are created when importing street center lines or can be generated manually.

A cost can be assigned to the trench types in the rules under sub-type.

Opening the form

The following options are available for opening the form:

  • In the Industry Model Explorer by right-clicking on Object class > Show form
  • by double-clicking in the “Trench Type” field in the form for “Street Center Lines” or “Possible Trench” 


Form details

Trench types are given the following attributes by default:

Attribute / Form entry / Button Meaning
Name  Name of the trench type
Possible Trenches Jump button to the possible trenches that use this trench type
Street Center Lines Jump button to the street center lines that use this trench type


Creating new records

You create new entries for the trench type via the Sun icon mceclip1.png in the footer of the form. Enter a name for the trench type. Please be sure to avoid entries of the same name.