Draw Possible Trench

It may be necessary to create Lead-ins manually during the preprocessing and detailed design. To do this, use the “Draw Possible Trench” workflow in the Advanced workflows.

The following must be considered when doing this:  

The lead-in connects the demand point with a point on the possible street trench. This means that, before you digitize the lead-in, you must have generated the street trenches using preprocessing. Lead-ins may consist of several segments.


Open workflow 

Switch to the workflow explorer using the mceclip5.png button.


This is where you start the desired “Draw Possible Trench” workflow

  1. by right-clicking > “Execute”, or
  2. Double-clicking

on the corresponding entry.


After starting the workflow, fill in at least the attribute “Trench Type” > select “Is Included” and “Is Locked”.



Supported drop-trench routing

Shared drop trenches

mceclip4.png mceclip5.png

Drop trenches directly from the distribution point


Unsupported drop-trench routing

Drop trench from building point to building point