Draw Structure

Structures in NET Design are structural installations, such as manholes, cabinets and poles. Structures can be imported into the project or entered manually via the “Draw Structure” workflow. Both the import and the workflow generate data in the “Structure” feature class. These are not changed by the optimization in the calculation.  

Start the workflow by double-clicking the corresponding entry in the workflow explorer under “Create Objects”, right-click and execute or by clicking the “Execute” button at the bottom right of the workflow explorer.


The dialog box for filling in the attributes opens on the right.


If the “Export to GIS Nebenbestimmung” module is activated in the project, please enter the attributes “BMVI building type” and “BMVI condition” according to the data.

The “Is Existing” attribute is used to map the status and can be provided with dedicated costs in the rules.

Select the “Structure Class” accordingly. 

You can define the type of the respective structure in more detail in “Structure Type”. To be able to select values here, they must be defined in the project.

The “OK” button starts the digitization, the “Default” button resets the values to the defaults; “Cancel” ends and closes the workflow.