Layer Point

Opening the form

The following options are available for opening the form:

  • In the Industry-Model Explorer by right-clicking on Feature class > Show form

additionally, for feature classes with geometry,

  • by double-clicking on the geometry in the graphic window
  • by single-clicking on the geometry in the graphic window and display the form by pressing the  mceclip0.png button in the Industry Model Explorer


Existing backbone points, POP locations, and distribution cabinet locations that are to be considered as fixed constants in the planning are managed in this feature class. These are cable layer nodes.

These points can be imported.

If records have to be generated manually, the “Draw Layer Point” workflow is used for this.


If the point is to be taken into account at network layer in the planning, then the attributes “Aggregation ID”, “Layer Type”, and “Is Included” need to be populated or active.

Aggregation ID

When the “Draw Layer Point” workflow is used, the aggregation ID is automatically populated if the point is inside a locked cluster. Otherwise, assignment has to be done manually using the form.

The unique aggregation ID of layer points is checked in the project validation.

The aggregation IDs are unique in relation to the layer type.

Is Existing This is evaluated during the preparation of the bill of material and in combination with the costs that have been defined in the rules for existing layer points.
Additional duct capacity Here, additional ducts (microducts) that are to be available for supplying a layer point can be defined as a number.



A locked layer point on the distribution layer always requires a locked cluster with the same aggregation ID.