Structure, Structure Type, Structure Class

Structures are the structural objects in the optimization. Here, too, we distinguish between structures that are included in the optimization as input values and the Result: Resulting Structure as a result of planning.  

Opening the form

The following options are available for opening the form:

  • In the Industry Model Explorer by right-clicking on Feature class > Show form

additionally, for feature classes with geometry,

  • By double-clicking on the geometry in the graphic window
  • By single-clicking on the geometry in the graphic window and display the form by pressing the  mceclip0.png button in the Industry Model Explorer



Structure Class 

The nature of the structural point is defined in the structure class. Predefined structure classes are Cabinet, Manhole, Pole and Handhole. These must not be changed by the user.

Double-clicking in the “Structure Class” field in the “Structure” form opens the form. 



Structure Type 

Double-clicking in the “Structure Type” field in the “Structure” form opens the form. 


Entries for the structure type can be created by the user. This can then be referred to in the optimizer settings.

Structure Fiber Demand

If a separate fiber requirement is to be calculated for structures, the following must be observed:

A record “Structure Fiber Demand” must be created for the structure.

The fiber requirement must be entered in the rules for the default structure or for structures with a differentiated structure type.

If values are entered in the “Structure Fiber Demand” record and even 0 is a value then these overwrite the entries in the rules.

A separate fiber requirement for the structure is calculated if:  

The structure is set to "Already exists" - "Yes".

The structure is set to "Already exists" - "No" and is assigned to a network node that is set to "Already exists" - "Yes".


Structure and Result: Resulting structure and layer point are not linked.

Example of application

If cabinets or manholes of different designs and costs are to be planned in a layer point at the distribution layer, both the layer point at the distribution layer and a structure with the structure class “Cabinet” must be set. The planning is controlled via the structure type, which must be created in the project and in the rules (distribution layer costs).