Existing or Planned cables can be found in the Cable object class.

Opening the form

The following options are available for opening the form:

  • In the Industry Model Explorer by right-clicking on Object class > Show form

additionally, for object classes with geometry,

  • by double-clicking on the geometry in the graphic window
  • by single-clicking on the geometry in the graphic window and display the form by pressing the  mceclip0.png button in the Industry Model Explorer


Form details

The cable is given the following attributes by default:

Main form  
Attribute / Form entry / Button Meaning
Is Included: Yes / No The attribute controls whether the cable is included in the planning.
Group ID Use the grouping ID to group input cables together
Maximum amount of fibers Maximum number of fibers
Cable Type Cable type
Layer type Network layer type
Cable topology: Ring, Ring-Branch, Default Defines the class of cable use.
Resulting Cable Jump button to the result: Cable 
Detailed form  
Attribute / Form entry / Button Meaning
Planning attribute value If user-defined attributes were imported during the import, these can be found here.


Data-entry options

Use the Draw Cable workflow to enter cables manually or use the import dialog.