Project Validation

The project validation comprises a check for data errors that can impede the automatic planning and calculation process or at least lead to undesirable results. 

It makes sense to have the data checked after importing the basic data—demand points and street center lines. Run the project validation at least before starting the calculation. It is also important to perform the project validation after a manual modification in the default data, such as the manual generation of data using the workflows or after the locking of results. Errors encountered are displayed. The affected data can be displayed and corrected via a convenient dialog.

Running the project validation

Start the project validation by pressing the corresponding button in the preprocessing.



We recommend activating and running all data checks designed for the respective optimizer. If necessary, you can also limit yourself to individual checks.


Errors found are displayed in RED.


The record is accessed by right-clicking on the corresponding folder or on a single entry.



Please evaluate and correct any errors found.  

Error interpretation (selection)

Error message What does the error message mean? What do I need to do?
Feature class contains no objects There are no records in the feature class If data is present, it must be checked and corrected

Layer point found without cluster

There is an input layer point for which no input cluster was found. In this case, the layer point is ignored during the optimization, since an input layer point always requires an input cluster.

Either delete the point or capture the corresponding cluster

Layer point found without assignment ID Input layer point has no assignment ID The assignment ID must be entered
Demand points have overlapping geometries Two or more demand points have identical coordinates Check whether this is duplicate data; correct addresses if necessary and move demand point
No residents are assigned to the demand point There are demand points that do not have living or business units, etc.

Check and correct if necessary


Crash of the validation 

If one of the activated validations leads to a crash of the validation plugin, the triggering validation is highlighted in red. This serves as an indication to the user that this validation was not performed.

In addition to this info, a NET error report is generated containing the details and should be sent by the user.