Overview of Results

In the course of the calculation, a cost optimized network is calculated on the basis of the demand points, the possible trenches and any specified layer points and clusters. The rules for optimization are defined in the rules.


The optimization independently determines the clusters and layer points (if not specified), the trenches to be created, including the ducts and cables to be laid. The distribution network, the feeder cable network and the backbone network are optimized depending on the calculation depth.

The result is a graphical network, and the individual result data are visible and can be evaluated. In the course of the calculation, data is created in the “Resulting Layer Point” feature classes. A Bill of Material in Excel format compiles the costs. 


The “Planning Result” must be evaluated by the planner. If necessary, the planner can manipulate result data in the further planning process, add missing input data, adapt the rules and then carry out the calculation again. The calculation results do not have to be deleted before performing the calculation again. 


In the example, the blue line indicates the planned trench → “Resulting Used Trench”. The underlying brown lines are the network of potential trenches, the result of preprocessing.


Double-clicking opens the form and the details of the planned ducts and cables become visible. The ducts and cables planned in the trench are visible. Right-clicking on the corresponding entry opens the form.